You’d think that an open marketplace like youtube would allow the cream of the crop to rise to the top, yet every popular vlogger on the site fails to make any important points.


Yes, we know that it would be nice to live in a society where everybody is moral and just. Yes, it’s obvious that the bigger a government gets, the more corrupt and oppressive it will become. OK, what’s your point? Do you have a solution other than wishful thinking that the incentives that create big government will suddenly disappear. Of course not, you haven’t thought that far ahead because you’re incapable of thinking that far ahead.


Surely libertarianism has some nuanced arguments, but nobody on youtube seems to be able to make them. A government that doesn’t allow people to do stuff that doesn’t affect anybody else is bad? Wow, really solid stuff. The mind is really being stretched with such radical concepts.


Take a look at channels like Sargon of Akkad, That Guy T, or Vernaculis. They bloviate on about the same basic concepts that any person with half a brain will already be educated on. Radical feminism is bad. Crazy women saying crazy things will make crazy arguments that are easily refuted. Black Lives Matter is actually racist. Wow! The gender pay gap isn’t real, or else companies would maximize profits by hiring only women. This paragraph summed up the vast bulk of their droning content.


Youtube vloggers don’t bring any new ideas to the table. They belabor basic talking points over and over and over again. Their work is without merit, and frankly is an embarrassment. What a bunch of idiots. They should all be put to work doing menial labor and forced to shut their unfunny autistic traps.