The Alt-Right’s core is based on common sense race realism. The logic is as follows:

Evolution is real, and affects all living things.

Humans, being living things, are affected by the forces of evolution.

The varying human races have been living in differing environments, and have thus been under differing evolutionary pressures.

Differing evolutionary pressures have caused human races to evolve in different ways.

Due to evolution, each unique people group will have different tendencies with regard to hair color, skin color, height, brain function, facial structure, etc.


Informed by the aforementioned knowledge, the Alt-Right soundly rejects the nonsensical idea of racial equality. After all, racial diversity stands out when one looks at the racial breakdown of athletics, academic performance, crime rates, etc. Since different activities select for different traits, certain races will be better (on average) at the activities.


All members of the Alt-Right agree that race is real and the races have different average capabilities and attributes.


The Alt-Right understands that the less cohesion (more diversity) a society has, the more it will experience conflict between differing groups biologically predisposed towards behavior at odds with each other. The Alt-Right understands that more cohesive groups perform better than less cohesive groups.


Race informs biology and biology influences decisions, thus different race shape society differently. Since race shapes society, immigration influences a country.


The Alt-Right is a movement for white people interested in preserving their countries. While there are non-whites sympathetic to the alt-right, they are allies, not members of the alt-right.


The Alt-Right recognizes that jews are an ethnic group that is semitic and not white. While they may look white in many cases, they ultimately act in ways that are to the benefit of their ethnic group and detrimental to white ethnic groups.


The Alt-Right agrees that white countries need to be racially preserved if they wish to remain white in look and culture. This is achieved through sensible race based immigration policy.


The Alt-Right embraces science and thus embraces the differences between the genders/sexes. Since it recognizes the differences between the sexes, the alt-right agrees that men and women should be encouraged towards different behavior that better mesh with their natural proclivities. Women are encouraged to be feminine and start families. Men are encouraged to be masculine and provide.


Being interested in a positive society where unhealthy behavior is minimal, the Alt-Right is against behaviors such as drug use, miscegenation (which introduces further diversity and thus further societal conflict), promiscuity (spreads disease, harms family cohesion), homosexuality and transsexualism (both net negatives on society, health and morality wise). There is some debate within the Alt-Right as how best to minimize these antisocial behaviors. Some prefer shaming, others prefer legal enforcement of standards.


The alt-right is passionately nationalistic, rejecting foreign influence dictating how a country runs itself. A good example: the Alt-Right dislikes Israel’s hold on America’s foreign policy. Each country should look out for its own interest, and that includes white countries like America.


Who makes up the Alt-Right?

Whites of all classes and professions make up the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right is very young and filled with many college students, evidenced by the energy and sense of humor seen within online Alt-Right communities such as twitter.


This explainer will be updated as time goes on.