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Why Are Youtube Commentators So Stupid?

You’d think that an open marketplace like youtube would allow the cream of the crop to rise to the top, yet every popular vlogger on the site fails to make any important points.


Yes, we know that it would be nice to live in a society where everybody is moral and just. Yes, it’s obvious that the bigger a government gets, the more corrupt and oppressive it will become. OK, what’s your point? Do you have a solution other than wishful thinking that the incentives that create big government will suddenly disappear. Of course not, you haven’t thought that far ahead because you’re incapable of thinking that far ahead.


Surely libertarianism has some nuanced arguments, but nobody on youtube seems to be able to make them. A government that doesn’t allow people to do stuff that doesn’t affect anybody else is bad? Wow, really solid stuff. The mind is really being stretched with such radical concepts.


Take a look at channels like Sargon of Akkad, That Guy T, or Vernaculis. They bloviate on about the same basic concepts that any person with half a brain will already be educated on. Radical feminism is bad. Crazy women saying crazy things will make crazy arguments that are easily refuted. Black Lives Matter is actually racist. Wow! The gender pay gap isn’t real, or else companies would maximize profits by hiring only women. This paragraph summed up the vast bulk of their droning content.


Youtube vloggers don’t bring any new ideas to the table. They belabor basic talking points over and over and over again. Their work is without merit, and frankly is an embarrassment. What a bunch of idiots. They should all be put to work doing menial labor and forced to shut their unfunny autistic traps.

The Non-Issue of Neoconservative Purges

As the national election nears, two diametrically opposed visions of the right have been warring with increasing fervor. The old, neoconservative point of view has been under attack from the younger, more energetic Alt-Right. As is to be expected, the neoconservatives are doing their best to retain control of the Republican Party. Unfortunately for them, they are going about the matter in a clumsy way, attempting to cut off the ever-growing influence of the Alt-Right. Neoconservatives like Ben Shapiro and Jonah Goldberg fundamentally misunderstand what it takes to purge people.
First, you must hold serious clout or be reasonably charismatic to correctly lead a purge. Goldberg runs National Review, a site that used to be at the forefront of mainstream conservative thought. However, after expelling any writers that dared to touch issues deemed too controversial or divisive, it quickly neutered itself. The writing there is boring and played out. How many times can the praises of free markets and endless war in the Middle East be rehashed? Apparently until whenever National Review’s kosher donors run out of money.
You must make a compelling case as to why a group must be purged. Being the sons of influential writers, both Shapiro and Goldberg mysteriously found their way into writing gigs with ease. Perhaps it is merely coincidence that Ben ended up writing at World Net Daily and later Breitbart, both establishments that his father was also working for. That Jonah’s father was Sidney Goldberg, a newspaper executive, is surely irrelevant to Jonah’s career. Is nepotism an easy way to land a job? Yes. It also tends to allow those without the proper qualifications into positions well above their pay grade. As seen with Ben and Jonah, they have certain failings that most people fix through the effort to find employment. Their main argument against the Alt-Right isn’t even an argument, but rather pointing and sputtering. The Alt-Right is a moral ill “just because.” Perhaps if they had gone through normal hiring processes, they would be a little more fluent in the language of persuasion.
If you don’t control access to the printing presses, you can’t purge effectively. Back when “ex-CIA” spook Buckley was marginalizing the Birchers (a right wing group with non-kosher views on race, among other subjects), he and his ilk had control of what the public saw. In the age of the internet, there are no gate keepers. How can you expect to no-platform wrongthink when it can go directly to its audience? You can’t, and this is obvious to anybody without mind-numbing hubris.
The group that you’re trying to purge must rely on you. In the age of crowdfunding and small content creators being able to carve out living independently of any traditional employment, the threats of “you’ll never work in this industry again” are empty and hollow. When there are no financial chains to inhibit the free expression of ideas, why would anybody care what a self-declared enemy whimpers? Conservative media has zero leverage on the structurally independent Alt-Right. Whine all they want, Goldberg and Shapiro have all the clout of a homeless man on the street corner instructing passersby on how to properly live.
You need the backing of the public to successfully lead a purge. The Alt-Right is made up of young adults under thirty. National Review’s audience consists of old men in their sixties. One group is lively and growing, while the other is literally dying. These last gasps of (neo) Conservatism Inc. are refreshing, in a way. With every wheeze and cough, the phoenix of a legitimate right wing is a little closer to being birthed. Nationalism is wafting through the air. The limping corpse of subversion ala Goldberg and Shapiro is in the eleventh hour. Soon all traces of their treachery will be gone, like ashes in the wind.

What is the “Alt-Right”?

The Alt-Right’s core is based on common sense race realism. The logic is as follows:

Evolution is real, and affects all living things.

Humans, being living things, are affected by the forces of evolution.

The varying human races have been living in differing environments, and have thus been under differing evolutionary pressures.

Differing evolutionary pressures have caused human races to evolve in different ways.

Due to evolution, each unique people group will have different tendencies with regard to hair color, skin color, height, brain function, facial structure, etc.


Informed by the aforementioned knowledge, the Alt-Right soundly rejects the nonsensical idea of racial equality. After all, racial diversity stands out when one looks at the racial breakdown of athletics, academic performance, crime rates, etc. Since different activities select for different traits, certain races will be better (on average) at the activities.


All members of the Alt-Right agree that race is real and the races have different average capabilities and attributes.


The Alt-Right understands that the less cohesion (more diversity) a society has, the more it will experience conflict between differing groups biologically predisposed towards behavior at odds with each other. The Alt-Right understands that more cohesive groups perform better than less cohesive groups.


Race informs biology and biology influences decisions, thus different race shape society differently. Since race shapes society, immigration influences a country.

The Alt-Right is a movement for white people interested in preserving their countries. While there are non-whites sympathetic to the alt-right, they are allies, not members of the alt-right.


The Alt-Right recognizes that jews are an ethnic group that is semitic and not white. While they may look white in many cases, they ultimately act in ways that are to the benefit of their ethnic group and detrimental to white ethnic groups.


The Alt-Right agrees that white countries need to be racially preserved if they wish to remain white in look and culture. This is achieved through sensible race based immigration policy.

The Alt-Right embraces science and thus embraces the differences between the genders/sexes. Since it recognizes the differences between the sexes, the alt-right agrees that men and women should be encouraged towards different behavior that better mesh with their natural proclivities. Women are encouraged to be feminine and start families. Men are encouraged to be masculine and provide.


Being interested in a positive society where unhealthy behavior is minimal, the Alt-Right is against behaviors such as drug use, miscegenation (which introduces further diversity and thus further societal conflict), promiscuity (spreads disease, harms family cohesion), homosexuality and transsexualism (both net negatives on society, health and morality wise). There is some debate within the Alt-Right as how best to minimize these antisocial behaviors. Some prefer shaming, others prefer legal enforcement of standards.


The alt-right is passionately nationalistic, rejecting foreign influence dictating how a country runs itself. A good example: the Alt-Right dislikes Israel’s hold on America’s foreign policy. Each country should look out for its own interest, and that includes white countries like America.


Who makes up the Alt-Right?

Whites of all classes and professions make up the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right is very young and filled with many college students, evidenced by the energy and sense of humor seen within online Alt-Right communities such as twitter.


This explainer will be updated as time goes on.

Quick take: In Defense of Common Filth

He criticizes white people. This is good. Whites are not without flaws. After all, when he infers ISIS is superior to whites as a whole, he has a point. Whites have great moral failings. Homosexuality is an accepted part of life in white countries. There are a more than a few instances of whites engaging in bestiality, abusing drugs, neglecting children, and becoming transsexuals.

When you look at ISIS, they’re fighting for what they believe in. As Common Filth knows, ISIS is superior. See, the reports of “dancing boys”, child rape, sex with goats, and Muslims embracing transsexuality are all myth.
In all seriousness, white countries all around the globe are in decline. That’s a fact. The West is spiritually sick, perhaps terminal. However, to say that we’re worse than any Muslim group or territory is delusional. Common Filth is good in small doses, but I fear he may have gazed into the proverbial abyss for too long.

The Trans Question

Recently, there has been some needless controversy regarding the acceptance of trans people within the right wing. Beautiful people have been called “mentally ill,” “batty,” “man-handed freakazoids,” and even “proof that G-d either makes mistakes or just really hates us.” These sickening comments dare to make a value judgement, and that’s really just wrong. It’s well past time to set the record straight, and highlight a few of the many reasons that the right should court transgenders.

Transsexuals are a large constituency, and thus an important voting bloc. Take a look at an average family: one mother, one father, one cat, and one child. Chances are, one or two of the family members are trans. It could be the mother, the father, the son or daughter, or the cat, but at least one of these has transitioned. It’s just science. The prevalence of these totally normal individuals means that outreach to them must be done if the right is to remain politically viable.

Transsexuals are in a unique, but healthy, state of mind. Their special outlook on life, having seen modernity through the lenses of both male and female, will be beneficial for the right’s outreach to diverse people groups. Who would a group of older women prefer talking to: a boring housewife with two children and a husband who works a nine to five, or a busty 6’2” blonde with chest and posterior implants, in addition to experience as a high-powered male executive? The females, especially those of the lesbian persuasion (yes, True Conservatives embrace same-sex relationships, bigot leftists), will obviously prefer the latter, more exciting, trans-woman.

Transsexuals play a vital role in any society. Some famous but quietly trans individuals throughout history: Paul the Apostle, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Aristotle, Adam (from the biblical parable), Tesla, and some historians even suggest George Washington to be of such a persuasion. Clearly, the trans-mind is made of superior material. Where some see “confusion” or “mental instability”, there instead exists a cranium so buzzing with vim and vigor that it would be attractive to any individual even slightly sapiosexual. Trans: they’re not just sexy and empowered, they’re leaders! Who wouldn’t want such a powerful force on their side?

Male to female transsexuals make excellent wives. Due to their former condition (being assigned male at birth by a stupid transphobe doctor), they know what men look for in a woman. This allows them to behave in the best feminine manner possible. After all, what is a woman more than a man with a bigger chest and lots of makeup placed upon the face? Also, since males are better cooks than females, a MtF transsexual will make wonderful souffles and other complicated dishes. The right wing is filled with single men looking for traditional mates, and trans people are ready and willing to get hitched.

The startlingly high suicide rates of trans people (due entirely to bullying from hetero-pigs and not any feelings of despair due to mutilation of the body) may be slightly off-putting, but there exists a silver lining that many seem to miss. The trans community is excellent at tying knots, operating firearms in exciting ways, and writing on sites such as tumblr and reddit. You can’t say that of the average cis male, who instead does boring things like going to work and taking care of family. The diverse range of trans-skills is inspiring!

While the two prior paragraphs may seem unrelated to politics at first glance, they are quite integral. Imagine the near future. It’s election season and a small family gathers around the television set to view a political debate. A commercial pops on the screen, showing a republican candidate: a lovely middle-aged male to female trans-mestizo. She places a cake in an oven, pops a few estrogen pills, and starts polishing a jet black shotgun. Radiating both strength (big powerful gun) and tenderness (tasty cake, pills), she says in a smoky half-man half-woman voice, “I’m with you, citizen. Even if you are a disgusting cisgendered white heterosexual.” After such an endearing display, the election is sure to be won by the right wing in a breathtaking landslide.

A trans person is just like any other person, but better. Transsexuals make up the majority of the population, and the trans lobby has been known to decide elections in the past. Trans individuals have experience living as both genders, which allows them a nuanced view on sex relations. They dominate all leadership fields due to their minds which are constantly abuzz with new ideas and perspectives. Trans women are the solution to low marriage rates within the right wing, being superior to biological females in nearly every way. The aforementioned benefits, combined with their unique interest in potentially life ending activities, makes trans individuals the ideal candidates for the republican party.

How To End Police Violence

Recent events of heartfelt black protest, such as the Dallas BLM march and its ensuing chaos, have shown us that we still have a lot of work to do on race relations in this country. Our disgusting legacy of oppression and unreasonable thoughts of inequality are starkly visible within the police departments near majority black areas. It’s no coincidence that crime rates are reported higher in those zones. Yes, any reasonable person can see that police are manipulating data to reflect their racist agenda of white supremacy and superstructures of hate.

It’s not enough to show solidarity with our dark skinned brothers and sisters as they are hunted down nightly, like a story ripped directly out of The Greatest Game. We must prevent this sick African safari from continuing on. This is modern America, not unmodern America. We should do better, and we will. Why do better? Because we should (and will). That’s all there is to say, really. Here are a few ideas to help prevent pigs (slang for cops which is slang for police officers) from abusing blacks, the most productive group in modern America.

Everybody knows that police suffer from a lack of any accountability. This must end quickly. Assign one black gang member to each unit, so as to give the police a guiding hand that will ensure they do not commit violence. Have them ride along in each squad car, taking notes on the police behavior and recording any rude behavior. Did the police officer look a little too long at a black pedestrian? Did they talk in a tone that evoked memories of lynchings or segregated water fountains? The companion will mark it down. Such disgusting behavior is not to be tolerated anymore.

What’s the biggest problem for average African Americans? Being gunned down by police because they don’t have a weapon to defend themselves. Give members of the black community (doctors, scientists, engineers, etc.) free weapons and concealed carry licenses. Unarmed blacks are being hunted down by white cops on a power trip. Usually these vanilla thugs will tell their friends they’re going “hunting”, and then pop at least five or six chocolate lawyers walking (in an effort to save the environment) home from work. This happens at least weekly. The situation is so dire, that one might even make the case for giving the black community fully automatic assault rifles until the pigs learn to respect the sanctity of colored lives.

While malicious behavior is a large problem, still more “incidents” are the results of poor communication. In black zones, ensure officers first ask “are you breaking the law”, and only proceed with an investigation if a suspect responds in the affirmative. Imagine all the intraracial conflict this could prevent. It’s so simple, and yet the European (KKK White) Pig Complex has never even tried it. As if we needed more evidence of a systematic oppression of noble blacks.

Everybody knows, if a child can’t behave with a toy, a parent will take the toy away. This is why we must take guns away from the most violent population sample: police officers. This will cut down violent interactions between officers and African American citizens by at least 100%. It’s hard for mayo sheriff to go on a rampage when they don’t have the tools to mow down a good boy (who didn’t do anything) selling CDs on the sidewalk. They might still rush little black children for no reason, but the aforementioned FAGPOWER(Free And Good black People Onsite With Excellent Rifles) should quickly teach them to think twice before such acts of racist bloodlust.

Being that no people are perfect (yes, not even the noble black man), justified altercations between police and blacks are bound to happen. In the rare case that the police are in the right, guidelines must be in place that ensure all black individuals know the officer is not a racist. For example, the officer should be required to say the following: “I am not a racist. This is not the result of any melanin based animosity. I enjoyed watching Hamilton, and Obama is a great man. I love blacks.” After hearing this, any black gentleman involved will not resist arrest, but rather meet justice in a peaceful manner and a knowing, wise smile.

With these common sense rules in place, America will see a resurgence of black prosperity. Detroit will bloom once again. Minnesota will become a hub of tourism. We will all be enriched at levels never before seen. Black scientists and writers will return to the forefront of civilization, benefiting us in ways currently unfathomable. Rise up, white man, and free the noble black from their chains.