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Controversy Sells: Using Leftists to Promote Right Wing Ideals

There’s no denying it: Old media such as cable, magazines, and newspapers are bastions for leftist groupthink. This monopoly has allowed for a unified worldview to be pushed unchallenged onto the public. With the advent of the internet, the left’s grip on the narrative has begun to crumble. Socially “unacceptable” opinions are no longer able to be so easily suppressed.

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Nickelodeon and a Porno Writer

Everybody has a few favorite TV shows they watched when growing up as a kid. Some shows inspired those around me to be police officers, doctors, etc. Television plays an important role in shaping the culture around us. Media we immerse ourselves in helps to guide our interests and behaviors.

So, when a known fetish film director is a writer for a show for children, it’s very disconcerting for people who care about the innocence of children. The director may be a perfectly nice person in his personal life, but it probably isn’t a good idea to put somebody who is a writer of pornographic material in control of entertainment for children just growing up.

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The March Towards Intellectual Slavery

The United States is a democratic republic in name only. In reality, governmental tyranny is now in place. The government continually violates citizens’ rights through pervasive spying and abuse of power by police. Pacified by constant manufactured controversy and state-sanctioned media, we are well along the path of becoming slaves of the State. Look at public sentiment. The two last supposed bastions of free speech, the university and now the internet, are under siege.

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In Support of Hitler

I’ve been reflecting on the mainstream media’s response to the Baltimore riots. Cable news claims the riots are a noble reaction to constant white on black racism and a cop initiated ghettocaust. While violent, destructive, and lawless, the rioters are just black victims of white oppression. The media argues that any police officers and whites attacked are just cries for justice by a marginalized underclass. They are right. The people on the streets might be breaking the law and targeting a specific type of person based on race, but it’s their collective right. After all, a chip on a shoulder entitles one to murder people. Let’s have some empathy for the true victims here.

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Potential Connection to GamerGate and Gates Foundation

Late last year, the web lit up with controversy. Out of the blue, articles across multiple gaming sites were posted bearing the same message. They told the reader that gaming can’t be just for straight white males. They explained that the current gamer is an angry, basement dwelling nerd living in his parents’ basement. The core gaming community reacted in collective shock, as the claims were provably false.

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Shocking Revelation Regarding Jonathan McIntosh

I must admit that I post this tale with some hesitation. This isn’t due to any deficit in quality, but rather fear that the truth contained within this article may very well frighten readers into state of hysteria. It may set in motion a moral panic that cannot be undone. I’m not one to usually do this, but I feel it’s only right to post a disclaimer in front of what is written below. Unless you are open to your worldview becoming shattered, then click off right now and get back to stalking that Facebook page of the hot girl in your college forum class. Still here? Feeling a bit warm? Welcome to the hellish depths of demonic possession. I have uncovered irrefutable evidence that will unnerve you to your very core. Based upon Jonathan McIntosh‘s actions, the conclusion has been reached that he has been possessed by a foul spirit that has taken inspiration from Hitler.

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