On this fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, let’s take a moment to reflect on the deaths of those who died in the towers. Their last memories perhaps a smoky cubicle with passed out bodies to their left and right, the stench of burning smoke and acrid flesh wafting through the air. Alright, now that that’s done, time to focus on important things in life. Things like appreciating the beautiful bounties of Muslim immigration. Let’s take a look at all the positives that importing Arabs has introduced.

Muslims drive taxis! Sure, sometimes they barely speak English, but who else is going to do drive people around? Remember the pre-1965 world before taxis? Let’s not let the small amount of Muslims who mutilate female genitalia distract from the important things like getting a convenient ride from point A to point B.

Ever had a kebab? You can thank the people over at the local former Church that’s been re-purposed as a Mosque. Waking up to the sound of wailing in a foreign language is a small price to pay for good food that only Muslims are physically capable of making. Perhaps in the future, some way of transferring recipes will be possible, but until then, foreigners are absolutely necessary to create such exquisite dishes such as meat on a stick. Don’t let the desire for a united Western culture make your stomach go empty!

As if all those perks of Muslim immigration into American communities were not enough, there is more to come! It’s only a matter of time until segregated swimming pools are instituted, like the ones now seen in enriched Germany and vibrant Sweden. The forward thinking Muslim men have it right when they grope little girls who obstruct the swimming lanes. If you can’t swim without some ten year old thot asking for it, what’s the point of even getting in the water?

Any sane person agrees that western women have become too sexualized. That is why we must revert to the end of the spectrum and remove all freedom from them. They shouldn’t dress like sluts, so of course they should be clothed in curtains, with little holes for eyes. What better way to enforce this than to import more Muslims? There simply isn’t a better culture to import than Islam’s.

Yes, we can reflect on the past. We can recognize that certain people of a certain religion did certain things which aren’t pleasant. But please, let’s not get carried away and think that we should take action in order to prevent similar occurrences from taking place in the future. It’s not like Muslim terrorism is an ongoing issue that follows Muslims wherever they go. 9/11 happened, but it’s an isolated event. Everybody just move on and accept the new reality of a multicultural utopia, it’s what the hundreds of dead mothers and fathers broiled alive would have wanted. Go out and thank a Muslim today.