Spend some time in any right-wing Nationalist circle and you’ll hear people say “Islam is the problem.” It is considered by many to be the chief enemy of Western civilization. But, frankly, this is not true. It’s easy to shake your fist at some lady in a burka and blame her for all your woes, and it’s difficult to admit your faults. But blaming Islam fixes little. To say that these uncivilized packs of Arab refugees are destroying Europe is to say that the Germanic tribes destroyed Rome. Rome did not fall in a day. There were centuries of decadence and decline that effectively destroyed Rome before it was ever sacked; although the empire existed in name, the civilization was dead. So too were the seeds of our destruction sown long before the first boat of migrants landed on the shores of Europe.


There is a famous anecdote about Cyrus the Great of Persia. His subjects came to him with a proposal: “Let us . . . depart from the little and rugged land which we possess and occupy one that is better. . . . It is only reasonable that a ruling people should act in this way, for when will we have a better opportunity than now, when we are lords of so many men and of all Asia?” Cyrus told them that they may do so, if they desired, but that if they did they would no longer be rulers, but slaves. “Soft lands breed soft men,” he said “Wondrous fruits of the earth and valiant warriors grow not from the same soil.” Our people have made their lands soft, and have thus grown weak and complacent. We are victims of our own success, in that sense, but that’s nothing to be proud of.


If you are unable, or unwilling, to fight, then foreign invaders will pillage your lands and rape your women. This is, frankly, to be expected, and the morality of it is immaterial. When the great city of Athens was in negotiations with the small city of Melos, their envoys uttered these famous words “Right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do as they will and the weak suffer what they must.” Mewling appeals to morality won’t get you far. We can point out the various atrocities committed by Muslim immigrants on European or American soil, but we cannot ignore the real issue: we didn’t stop them. We deem violence to be inherently wrong, raise our children to find it reprehensible, and then we are shocked that other peoples do not feel the same. We fail to instill sexual morality into our women, then act astonished and appalled when foreigners violate them. If barbarians are taking our lands, it’s because they were offered freely.


The point is not that we shouldn’t hate the foreign peoples who now dwell in our ancestral homelands and terrorize our people, but that any approach which does not sufficiently address the fundamental issues of our civilization is pointless. We ought to hate the people who have invaded us, as we would hate any invader, but it is far more important to turn our eyes towards the things that made us weak, and to the people who brought them to our countries. Muslims are not highly represented in positions of power or influence. It is not that they are exceptionally powerful, but that we are less so. We allowed a small minority of people to dictate the social mores and norms of our societies, as we were distracted by the decadence and luxury they provided us with to keep us sated.


Many people seem to dislike Muslims because they are violent, and because they threaten our way of life. But these reasons are invalid. The fault lies not with them, but with us. Our way of life is the reason they are here. It is dysgenic as it is degenerate and immoral. There are a fair amount of supposedly right-wing people whose main objection to Eurabia is “b-b-but our women won’t be allowed to dress like prostitutes!!!”  Attacking Islam from the left like this is easy, but ultimately pointless. We ought to hate the ills brought on by modernity and social liberalism more than anything else. Embracing the values which have laid us low and attempting to expel foreign invaders with them is a venture doomed to fail. Instead, we must embrace our tradition, and return to our roots. We must reject modernity and what it has done to us. And it is only after we do this that we will truly be able to reclaim our lands and restore our civilization.