Hillary is sick. Everybody knows it, and now that she fainted in the process of abandoning a highly publicized 9/11 speech, her official campaign is can no longer deny that Hillary is ill.


Currently, the Hillary camp is saying she has pneumonia. Even if this is the correct diagnoses, there is more going on with Hillary’s health. Pneumonia doesn’t cause this:



Pneumonia also doesn’t cause this:



So, let’s assume the Hillary camp is telling half truths and she has pneumonia as well as some other health problems. Will they be able to hide whatever else is bugging Clinton? If they somehow pull it off, how are they going to damage control this imagery of her putting a young minority girl in danger of catching her illness?


Hillary was sick and still got in the face of an innocent little girl? What type of monster does that?


Now, how will the Hillary camp minimize the chances of another weird shaking or spaz attack? Most likely, they’ll further isolate her from public appearances. This is no good, however, because that furthers Trump’s narrative that Hillary is weak and unfit for public office.


Just a perfectly healthy adult being helped up four steps.
Just a perfectly healthy adult being helped up four steps.


The longer Hillary goes without being seen, the more feeble she appears.

The more Hillary goes out in public, the higher her unfavorability ratings are, and the greater chance she has yet another moment that highlights her general instability. There is no win condition here. To borrow chess terminology, if Trump refrains from a news-cycle shifting gaffe, Hillary is in check-mate.