I’m not really going to go into policy statements, since that is an ineffective use of time, and the general public doesn’t really care about that minutia.

Pence: Talked in a methodical and level headed tone. He seemed steady and very put together. While he didn’t go out of his way to defend Trump, he brushed aside criticism of his running mate as “not true” or “false”, which (while not totally accurate) was authoritative. He looked the part of a VP.

Kaine: Talked in a rapid manner. His body language was very poor, and his face gave off an unlikeable vibe. His general tone was negative, which cast him in a poor light.

Overall, Pence came out the winner, although he did contradict Trump quite a bit on Russia, which wasn’t optimal.

It’s doubtful as to whether any of this will have an effect on Trump or Hillary, as average people aren’t all that interested in either VP pick. There wasn’t any big moment in the debate, so it’ll probably fade into the ether once any interesting story (presidential or otherwise) enters the news cycle.