November 8th is inching ever closer, with scandals and accusations seemingly punctuating every day. The latest controversy is Donald Trump’s record with women. Could it be that this mild mannered playboy billionaire with multiple ex-wives and a TV show is actually a serial sexual harasser? Well, the media sure seems to think so.

The timing of these accusations may seem strange at first glance, but let’s do a little thinking. Sexual assault is a very important issue. Generally, when people are assaulted, it’s not like they remember. No, they need something big (like the assaulter almost becoming president of the United States) to jarr their memory.

Are the Democrats playing a dirty trick and attempting a cheap shot at character assassination? Of course not. Just like the Clintons have never been known for foul play, the democratic party is well known for honorable conduct. It’s not like this tactic was used on Herman Cain last cycle.

Examining one of the stories, where Donald Trump sexually assaulted a woman during a flight on a commercial plane, is enlightening. Apparently, the arm separating the two mysteriously disappeared shortly before Donald began his “octopus”-like assault on her figure. She resisted and eventually pushed him away, opting to move to a different seat. The uninitiated might ask why she didn’t simply tell him to stop, and why nobody else on the plane intervened or said anything. The people with those questions need to shut up, they’re simply ignorant and don’t understand. Trump is a meanie sexist racist harasser gross man.

There’s a reason Trump’s accusers are all connected to either the democrats or the Clinton Foundation. That reason? Only democrats and the Clintons care enough about women’s issues to empower the fairer sex to stand up to sexual brutes. A lecherous old man like Trump must not be allowed to win, lest all our sisters and mothers and daughters be sexually assaulted by him.