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The Global Conspiracy Against Women

Note from Paul Town: I received this anonymous email from a reader in response to the beautiful letter by Jennifer Lawrence regarding the scourge of the Gender Pay Gap that financially attacks women every day in the regressive United States. I have already tried to trace the IP but the letter writer was behind multiple proxies. Otherwise I would have reported him to the police and publicly named and shamed him. Here is the triggering message:

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Cuck Me Baby, One More Time

It was fascinating to watch the reaction when the Cuckservative meme first picked up speed on twitter. Over the course of a week or two, every single balding and African-adopting conservative father blogger was up in arms and ‘not I!’ing. When the angry posts, blocking people, and deleting comments had subsided, the view was entertaining to say the least. This horrible Nazi racist bigot slur had managed to throw the whole moderate right wing into a tizzy.

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Oven Culture

A few weeks ago, the MTV Teen Choices Awards were on television. I knew it would be bad, but was still left awestruck at the utter scale of degeneracy. Glorification of sodomy, “role models” acting like white trash, and fifteen prancing transsexual freaks for a finale were just a few of the vibrant cultural experiences shown to ten million impressionable teens.

One point that really stuck to me was the mentioning of the “sticky young minds” watching the show. The blatant corruption of western culture was on full display.

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