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Free Speech Isn’t Just a Lack of Government Censorship

If you’ve been following any tech or free speech related news recently, you’ve probably heard about Curtis Yarvin. Here’s a brief summary: Curtis is now uninvited from speaking at a tech conference due to his (unrelated to the talk) political beliefs. In light of this and similar recent events (the ludicrous banning of Chuck Johnson from twitter), let’s take a look at free speech as an idea and tool.

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Women Run The World

Turn on your flat-screen and flip to a random news station. Unless you landed on FOX News, the station actively broadcasts in an anti-traditional family, anti-white, and pro-authoritarian “news”. There’s a very interesting reason for this. Without control of television, the left would lose the vote of women. Women are more than 50% of the potential vote. Without the women, the left would lose a lot more elections.

Women are the biggest consumers of television. The morning human-interest stories show on TV are crafted specifically to form an emotional connection with any woman who watches. The nightly broadcasts are marketed to women, and women scoop it up.

Women are also the more emotionally driven of the sexes. In this currently politically correct age, it’s socially unacceptable to say this. Just take a look at the world around you and it’ll be self-evident. That’s mainly why a lot of news stories are couched in terms of “politeness” and “offensiveness”. By framing the conversation as one side being a bunch of jerks, the left has given themselves an advantage independent of facts and everybody else starts behind the eight ball.

Women, as a whole, are low information voters. Politics is a male dominated field, for straightforward reasons. Participation in politics requires a desire to wade through tons of minutia. Analyzing campaign promises, watching debates, yelling at friends who like a candidate other than your chosen one are all things political junkies have to want to do. All for no more payoff then being able to cast your vote with confidence. As social creatures, women would rather engage in social activities than look up boring facts on candidates they’ll never meet.

In this “empowered” phase of American culture women are pushed towards premature independence. More women than ever are single and not living with their family. Unsurprisingly, they still prefer to form relationships with friends instead of investing time into politics. Unlike before, women now do not have the guidance of a father or husband to tell them how to vote. The left has gleefully capitalized on this opening in the form of millions of dollars spent on 24/7 propaganda on TV and Movies.

As each election cycle ramps up, you’ll start to see lots of pro-voting ads fill the breaks in between nightly crime dramas. Voting is sold as the patriotic thing to do. This is an emotional argument. Voting works best when those voting have an objective view of the candidates. These propagandizing ads, along with the “woman-empowering” cultural narrative in the media, convince women that it’s better to go to the polls uninformed than to abstain. It’s no coincidence that when you look into these ad campaigns, they are almost exclusively funded by groups connected to the left.

Feeling an infusion of love for the democratic electoral process, women are inspired to vote. The majority haven’t done a whole lot of research. They have seen that a lot of their favorite all-women panels tend to like the democrats. It would be pretty awesome to get a woman president. The wage gap for women is pretty big. They go to polls and do their civic duty. To do otherwise would be to spit on the graves of the suffragettes who died for their right to votes. They go to the polls, empowered and uneducated, and our country goes further to hell.

You can observe this process begin to take root in the tech sector. Social media companies are being wined and dined by “third-party” groups. These companies are shifting even further towards the left. It’s not a coincidence that these sites are increasing the filtering of specific non-kosher viewpoints. More and more female millennials grow up and spend an increasing amount of time on social media. Open communication on the internet is the biggest weakness of left’s voting base, and they are currently trying to gain control over it.

As the majority of the vote, women decide elections. The left tailors their arguments to appeal to women and spread their ideals through television programs. Without the guidance of more involved men, women are voting without being truly informed. Indoctrinated by the media they consume, women vote for left leaning candidates.


In Support of Hitler

I’ve been reflecting on the mainstream media’s response to the Baltimore riots. Cable news claims the riots are a noble reaction to constant white on black racism and a cop initiated ghettocaust. While violent, destructive, and lawless, the rioters are just black victims of white oppression. The media argues that any police officers and whites attacked are just cries for justice by a marginalized underclass. They are right. The people on the streets might be breaking the law and targeting a specific type of person based on race, but it’s their collective right. After all, a chip on a shoulder entitles one to murder people. Let’s have some empathy for the true victims here.

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Hillary Clinton – The World’s Best Futures Trader

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In 1978 and 1979, Hillary Clinton managed to trade cattle futures so successfully that she made over 10,000% on her initial investment of $1000. This is remarkable on a number of levels. First off, she was new to trading and had no formal trading. She is, if not the most talented, one of the luckiest traders in the whole world. Let’s take a look at how Hillary managed to so effortlessly make so much money in under ten months.

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