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Potential Connection to GamerGate and Gates Foundation

Late last year, the web lit up with controversy. Out of the blue, articles across multiple gaming sites were posted bearing the same message. They told the reader that gaming can’t be just for straight white males. They explained that the current gamer is an angry, basement dwelling nerd living in his parents’ basement. The core gaming community reacted in collective shock, as the claims were provably false.

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Shocking Revelation Regarding Jonathan McIntosh

I must admit that I post this tale with some hesitation. This isn’t due to any deficit in quality, but rather fear that the truth contained within this article may very well frighten readers into state of hysteria. It may set in motion a moral panic that cannot be undone. I’m not one to usually do this, but I feel it’s only right to post a disclaimer in front of what is written below. Unless you are open to your worldview becoming shattered, then click off right now and get back to stalking that Facebook page of the hot girl in your college forum class. Still here? Feeling a bit warm? Welcome to the hellish depths of demonic possession. I have uncovered irrefutable evidence that will unnerve you to your very core. Based upon Jonathan McIntosh‘s actions, the conclusion has been reached that he has been possessed by a foul spirit that has taken inspiration from Hitler.

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Salon TV Critic Can’t Tell Difference between Two Non-White Male Actors

Sonia Saraiya’s fingers furiously pounded the keyboard of her Macbook Pro. This piece of art, entitled HBO’s “Silicon Valley” leans in: The bro-tastic startup culture confronts its Woman problem in season 2, would be her magnum opus. Silicon Valley, a show loved by millions of people, was her target. She couldn’t believe that the unenlightened plebs had lapped up such utter garbage. They had been brainwashed by the misogynist culture that contaminates everything it has ever touched, from the pyramids to the building of modern civilization. She would free the masses from the chains of mental oppression. Brogramming culture, bro coders, and bros in general, all of them were to be smashed by this feminist warrior. The ratio of men to female characters on this show was way too low. Only two of the six main characters were female. By female we assume she meant gendered, as well as sex wise. It’s kind of crazy she didn’t clarify as we all know that gender is a purely social construct. We will assume she was not being transphobic, as she clearly has her heart in the right place.

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