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Donald Trump: Octopus Woman Grabber Freak Sexmonster (Pedophile?)

November 8th is inching ever closer, with scandals and accusations seemingly punctuating every day. The latest controversy is Donald Trump’s record with women. Could it be that this mild mannered playboy billionaire with multiple ex-wives and a TV show is actually a serial sexual harasser? Well, the media sure seems to think so.

The timing of these accusations may seem strange at first glance, but let’s do a little thinking. Sexual assault is a very important issue. Generally, when people are assaulted, it’s not like they remember. No, they need something big (like the assaulter almost becoming president of the United States) to jarr their memory.

Are the Democrats playing a dirty trick and attempting a cheap shot at character assassination? Of course not. Just like the Clintons have never been known for foul play, the democratic party is well known for honorable conduct. It’s not like this tactic was used on Herman Cain last cycle.

Examining one of the stories, where Donald Trump sexually assaulted a woman during a flight on a commercial plane, is enlightening. Apparently, the arm separating the two mysteriously disappeared shortly before Donald began his “octopus”-like assault on her figure. She resisted and eventually pushed him away, opting to move to a different seat. The uninitiated might ask why she didn’t simply tell him to stop, and why nobody else on the plane intervened or said anything. The people with those questions need to shut up, they’re simply ignorant and don’t understand. Trump is a meanie sexist racist harasser gross man.

There’s a reason Trump’s accusers are all connected to either the democrats or the Clinton Foundation. That reason? Only democrats and the Clintons care enough about women’s issues to empower the fairer sex to stand up to sexual brutes. A lecherous old man like Trump must not be allowed to win, lest all our sisters and mothers and daughters be sexually assaulted by him.

General Thoughts on the Pence vs Kaine Debate

I’m not really going to go into policy statements, since that is an ineffective use of time, and the general public doesn’t really care about that minutia.

Pence: Talked in a methodical and level headed tone. He seemed steady and very put together. While he didn’t go out of his way to defend Trump, he brushed aside criticism of his running mate as “not true” or “false”, which (while not totally accurate) was authoritative. He looked the part of a VP.

Kaine: Talked in a rapid manner. His body language was very poor, and his face gave off an unlikeable vibe. His general tone was negative, which cast him in a poor light.

Overall, Pence came out the winner, although he did contradict Trump quite a bit on Russia, which wasn’t optimal.

It’s doubtful as to whether any of this will have an effect on Trump or Hillary, as average people aren’t all that interested in either VP pick. There wasn’t any big moment in the debate, so it’ll probably fade into the ether once any interesting story (presidential or otherwise) enters the news cycle.

Gay Porn and Children? In Defense of Sargon of Akkad

People are sharing gay porn with children on twitter. Why? To fight racism, of course. This all started a week ago, when brave Rationalist and egalitarian Sargon of Akkad took issue with being called a “nigger” online. Getting upset about words posted online is a responsible adult reaction, and being a responsible adult imbued with the power of Rationality, Sargon set about by sharing hardcore gay pornography with his followers.

How did sharing images of anuses getting reamed serve to fight racism? Well, it’s quite simple when you think about it. Only a Social Justice Warrior (yuck, irrational!) would take issue at sexually explicit images randomly appearing on their feeds. Who else would have a reaction of disgust? The fact that racists were grossed out at  healthy and normal expressions of love (hardcore gay porn) proves that their racism is not only irrational, but also just plain incorrect.

Some might say that Sargon did wrong by sending hardcore pornography to the feeds of thousands of children who follow him. They would be incorrect. After all, it’s the job of parents to keep their kids safe.

When a man on the street exposes himself to a kids on fieldtrip, nobody says the exhibitionist is at fault. The guy with his junk out isn’t a bad person, the parents who let their children go to school are.

Since the posting, I’ve received messages from children who said that they or their younger siblings where disturbed at what popped up on their feed via Sargon’s account (which they followed for his social commentary). One thirteen year old girl even deleted her account and is dealing with fallout from her friends who she suggested follow Sargon. Good for them. These racist bigot thirteen year old girls need to be shown that non-egalitarianism is just unacceptable.

(racists on suicide watch)

If sharing gay porn with children is the price to pay to prove that IQ data, history, evolution, game theory, and Robert Putnam are wrong, then that’s what needs to be done. Only a morally grandstanding public racist who wants to be looked up to in society would say that children shouldn’t be sent gay pornography.



Rationalists care about truth, not the myth of youthful innocence. A few kids are going to be emotionally disturbed, who cares? Racism has been defeated.


Sargon’s great work exposing the logical flaws in the concept of racial diversity cannot be understated. That’s why the deletion of his gay porn stash is so puzzling. This work was his magnum opus, so why did he delete it? He didn’t fall for the “moral” argument regarding the ethics of sharing gay porn with children. Sargon did nothing wrong, so he shouldn’t have removed his hard work destroying racism.

The Richest Black Neighborhood In America Has A Higher Rate Of Crime Than The Poorest White Neighborhood In America

As per these sources for the richest black and poorest white areas:

The richest black neighborhood in America has more crime than the poorest white neighborhood in America.

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